How to integrate UniFi access points into the Clevendo Cloud Key

  1. Ideally, your UniFi access points already have the latest firmware version. If this is not the case, you can use the controller interface to install the firmware update.
  2. Now download a backup of the controller locally to your computer. By setting up the new controller, you will be asked for this backup. This way you do not have to make any adjustments after the migration. You can find the backups in the settings under “Backup”. With “Download file” you can save the backup file to your PC. The longer the backup reaches into the past, the larger the file will be.
  3. In the settings under “Controller” change the controller hostname to the one of your new clevendo controller and check “Overwrite Inform hostname with controller hostname/IP”. This will give the UniFi devices the address of the new controller at clevendo.
  4. You can now switch off the old controller.
  5. Restore the backup when setting up the new controller.
  6. Alternatively, the backup file can be uploaded to the controller later under “Settings/Backup/Upload file”.
  7. Check in the controller settings if the correct controller hostname is stored.
  8. The access points should now log in to your controller and be available.